This is a video recording of the OpenBazaar Developer call on April 11, 2019.

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Chat log:

[10:04] mg (ob1): Good morning all, FYI we monitor and interact in the chat during the call. If you think of questions, feel free to post them here and we’ll get them answered. :)

[10:07] are the relay servers custom relay servers for the OB protocol, or are they generic protocol agnostic relay servers (TURN)?

[10:10] mg (ob1): The relay servers are specific to IPFS but are transport agnostic.

[10:10] mg (ob1): They were designed to ensure that if one transport were blocked, the IPFS relay could bridge across transports as needed.

[10:11] mg (ob1): More information:

[10:11] thanks!

[10:11] Q: when DAI support?

[10:12] mg (ob1): We’ll get that one at the end. :)

[10:15] mg (ob1): Thanks :)

[10:20] Matt: what platform will tokens be based on?

[10:20] mg (ob1): ERC-20

[10:20] Matt: you should consider

[10:21] mg (ob1): We might depending on our initial token success. SLP was barely ready when we began work on the token development.

[10:22] Rod: Has there been any news on the web buying/client side?

[10:22] thanks!

[10:22] MatthewZipkin: Possible to start signing releases? And post dev public keys

[10:24] mg (ob1): Yes and on our radar in the near future. We do sign the commits but I don’t think those keys are public.

[10:24] mg (ob1): (but verifies them, if you trust them)

[10:25] Rod: Thanks for the update 👍

[10:25] mg (ob1): I think we’d end up with something like signed checksums per release. If you have something specific in mind, LMK.

[10:30] mg (ob1): That’s a great update Rod! Thanks for sharing.

[10:31] Matt: how will the import aliexpress thing prevent spoofing?

[10:31] Rod: ^^ Appreciate it mg 😄

[10:32] Matt: pretending to be a user on aliexpress

[10:32] Matt: yes thats what i mean

[10:32] Matt: thanks

[10:33] John: Thank you for the updates

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