This is a video recording of the OpenBazaar Developer call on August 2, 2018.

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Chat log:

11:13 chris.troutner: Would love an update on the user metrics and if that’s been giving OB1 good feedback.

11:14 mg (OB1): Heard.

11:18 chris.troutner: Thanks Sam

11:21 Matt: Sorry I missed that, who is when in Berlin? (since I would like to meet up there)

11:21 Matt: ahh ok

11:23 chris.troutner: ‘Wallet developers’ <– I like that. One you guys come out with the new multicurrency wallet, I’m going to want to create a plugin for my ERC20 token.

11:24 crasch: Is anyone working on porting Monero to work with OB? I know it’s often difficult to incorporate due it’s non-BTC derived code base.

11:24 chris.troutner: Very appriciated! I love the uptick on blog posts!

11:26 Daniel: Does zcash still require you to run a node?

11:26 crasch: * nods * Thanks for the update re: Monero, plugin architecture.

11:27 Daniel: Ok

11:28 Daniel: Thanks

11:28 chris.troutner: Not sure if you guys want to go down that rabbit hole, but I’m very excited at the prospect of OB working with arbitrary tokens, be they ERC20 or soon-to-be colored coins on the BCH network.

11:30 chris.troutner: Ya, Chris Pacia on on the forefront of that. BCH colored coins are not nailed down yet.

11:30 Daniel: Would these tokens be used for payments only? Or something else?

11:31 Daniel: Ok thanks.

11:32 crasch: Have there been any changes to your roadmap that was published 3 months ago?

11:35 Daniel: What do you see when you go to

11:36 Daniel: Oh, it wasn’t resolving the URL for a while

11:36 Daniel: it’s working now

11:37 Daniel: yes

11:37 crasch: Where do you think community members who wanted to contribute to documentation could best help?

11:37 Daniel: are you targeting specific communities yet?

11:37 Daniel: for example, people that play magic the gathering

11:38 Daniel: i.e. getting OpenBazaar popular within a single community (maybe a non-crypto related community) to find out the blocks to adoption

11:38 Daniel: or do you only expect people to use OpenBazaar if they already hold crypto?

11:39 crasch: Thanks for the info: re: doc channel on Slack, mg.

11:39 chris.troutner: Ya, for those interested, just type #documentation_2-0 in slack to join the channel.

11:40 mg (OB1): Thanks Chris

11:41 crasch: What would be your pitch to use OB1 for crypto trading vs say, bisq?

11:41 Daniel: Ok, so only people that hold crypto so far. Makes sense.

11:45 chris.troutner: Great summary, Sam.

11:45 crasch: Thanks!

11:45 Daniel: Thank you

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