This is a video recording of the OpenBazaar Developer call on February 14, 2019.

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Chat log:

[10:16] chris.troutner: I’ve been using the v2.3 release to do cryptocurrency trades. Haven’t run into any issues, but my server is running on DO, so always ‘online’.

[10:17] mg (OB1): Appreciation to all of you who came out to visit at the conference!

[10:18] chris.troutner: Can you guys also expand on the differences between Haven and OB? I’m a little unclear on that.

[10:20] chris.troutner: Very cool. Love the explanation of the IPFS vs IPNS calls.

[10:20] Rod: Have the recent IPFS updates helped at all with how long IPNS calls take?

[10:22] Rod: Got it, thanks

[10:25] chris.troutner: Makes sense. Thanks. Helps to define the scope between the two projects.

[10:27] chris.troutner: Thanks, Mike!

[10:28] Jlong: Talk about the purchase flow and whther OB is willing to change the default to verified mods

[10:32] Jlong: Cannot the store provide obids?

[10:32] flavoraid: Plans for allowing geographic search? For example, if I’m looking for a plumber, I’m probably only interested in plumbers located within in 20 miles of my residence.

[10:34] ligi: what is the plan for the ethereum support public rollout?

[10:35] ligi: would so much love to use OB with DAI

[10:35] Jlong: This can apply mainly to Haven

[10:35] Jlong: Cool

[10:36] flavoraid: Also, I might only want someone who is licensed and bonded. It would be handy if that were a checkbox, so that plumbers could display their license and bonding status on their profile, and select for it.

[10:37] mg (OB1): Someone was chasing this in the public chat semi-recently.

[10:37] mg (OB1): (location-association with a store)

[10:38] flavoraid: Thanks for the response re: location based search.

[10:40] flavoraid: Maybe Google Plus codes could be used for internal location search (no api call):

[10:40] ligi: thanks for the info regarding ethereum!

[10:40] ligi: looking forward to it

[10:40] mg (OB1): If Google doesn’t discontinue the service from underneath us 2 years from now when they decide it’s not worth supporting anymore. (no thanks)

[10:41] flavoraid: “Locations close to each other have similar codes. They can be encoded or decoded offline.”

[10:41] flavoraid: Plus codes are open source.

[10:41] mg (OB1): That’s a good point.

[10:42] Rod: I’m making an announcement for my project I’ve been working on for a few months this week

[10:42] flavoraid: News re: Monero integration?

[10:42] Rod:

[10:43] mg (OB1): flavoraid: Check out the latest MoneroTalk podcast. They interviewed Brian about that just this last weekend. :)

[10:44] flavoraid: Thanks for the pointer!

[10:45] Rod: Thanks Sam :)

[10:45] mg (OB1): MoneroTalk podcast w OpenBazaar Devs:

[10:46] flavoraid: OB hosting services?

[10:46] flavoraid: That y’all would especially like to support?

[10:47] flavoraid: Thanks, y’all!

[10:47] chris.troutner: Thanks!

[10:48] Anup: Cheers guys

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