This is a video recording of the OpenBazaar Developer call on July 11, 2019.

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Chat log:

[09:46] Jenn_OB1: Testing chat, can everyone see this? Hello!

[09:46] 🌪 mg (ob1): :waves:

[09:46] Sam - OB1: +1

[09:49] 🌪 mg (ob1): It’s for the best.

[09:49] joshj: 10 minutes to the call.

[09:52] Sam - OB1: We should have a list of 6 subjects to discuss during pre-meeting and roll a d6 to determine which we discuss.

[09:53] joshj: 6 Needs to be DM Special, or Roll on Table A. #nerdlife

[09:53] Jenn_OB1: 🤣🤣🤣

[09:53] 🌪 mg (ob1): I’m sure we could rig up a random die roll in the chat to facilitate that. (Reminds me of Skype’s glory days.)

[09:54] joshj: We’re pivoting to a decentralized rpg, surprise!

[09:54] joshj: 6 minutes to call.

[09:55] 🌪 mg (ob1): 🎶The Final Countdown… 🎸

[09:56] 🌪 mg (ob1): null

[09:56] Sam - OB1: I’ve thought seriously about implementing a game into OB. Depending on the complexity of the game it’s not that hard to use the ricardian contract structure to swap moves back and forth, like a correspondence chess game.

[09:57] Sam - OB1: But I never pitched it because, well, there’s like 1,000 things more important to get working first :)

[09:58] Alexander Elbanna: Great application, its amazing btw

[09:58] joshj: thanks!

[09:59] Alexander Elbanna: We are from Digital World Exchange and I have been trying to do something for a year and you guys make it look so easy

[09:59] Alexander Elbanna: It is a very nice project I hope we can become a part of it

[09:59] Sam - OB1: Great to hear!

[10:00] chris.troutner: Good turn-out today.

[10:00] Jenn_OB1: recording!

[10:01] Jenn_OB1: Hello!

[10:01] 🌪 mg (ob1): Thanks for the kind words, Alex. We’re very open to collaborations. Feel free to reach out with any ideas you have.

[10:02] Jenn_OB1: I’m recording so doing a brief intro here! I’m Jenn Cloud, Marketing & Communications Lead for OB1

[10:02] Alexander Elbanna: Are we allowed to talk?

[10:03] Jenn_OB1: We will open it up for discussion after we do updates!

[10:03] Alexander Elbanna: perfect

[10:03] Sam - OB1: Releases:

[10:03] joshj:

[10:04] Sam - OB1: Where to find your data folder (to backup):

[10:04] 🌪 mg (ob1): Alex, feel free to chat in here during the talk. I’m monitoring and responding in chat. :)

[10:05] 🌪 mg (ob1): Voice questions/comments will be available at the end of the call.

[10:09] Sam - OB1: Analysis of Monero implementation in OB:

[10:09] 🌪 mg (ob1):

[10:10] 🌪 mg (ob1): Monero Proof of Concept integration ^^

[10:11] 🌪 mg (ob1): IPFS Camp:

[10:17] Jim: Listings load really really fast, but vendors still take a long time to load, is there work being done to improve this?

[10:17] pinheadmz: worried about privacy with blockbooth

[10:17] pinheadmz: i noticed in the logs ALL my addresses are sent ot server

[10:17] pinheadmz: not a bloom filter, etc

[10:18] pinheadmz: would love to connect to BTC full node locally …?

[10:18] Alexander Elbanna: I would like toI will wait my turn

[10:18] Alexander Elbanna: just let me know when

[10:19] Jim: Cool, thank you for the updates

[10:22] Impartial Moderation: Hi. Sorry late to the game :-)

[10:22] pinheadmz: API -> SPV, awesome tnx

[10:24] rod: Mind if I give a quick update after Alexander?

[10:24] Sam - OB1: Please do

[10:24] joshj: Sounds good.

[10:34] Alexander Elbanna: (build process for coin daemon given)

[10:36] Alexander Elbanna:

[10:36] Alexander Elbanna:

[10:37] Alexander Elbanna:

[10:38] Alexander Elbanna: (email address given)

[10:40] Impartial Moderation: Rod, very cool! Importing to Zokos. That’s awesome.

[10:40] rod: Thanks for the support :)

[10:40] Mike: We’d love to accept a pull request for your import code. Love to hear your progress! :D <3

[10:41] Mike: (Seriously, great progress report! Glad to hear you’re doing well!)

[10:41] BazzarBaby: when will Haven open for iOS?

[10:41] joshj: Soon.

[10:42] BazzarBaby: +1 thanks

[10:44] Mike: <3

[10:44] Impartial Moderation: :-)

[10:45] rod: Thanks for hosting the call

[10:45] Jenn_OB1: Thanks everyone! Have a great day!

[10:45] fcl1892: thanks

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