This is a video recording of the OpenBazaar Developer call on March 14, 2019.

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Chat log:

[10:17] Rod: I would be 100% interested in the wallet-interface changes, which slack channel are you planning to give updates to?

[10:18] mg (OB1): Sorry about audio… the public slack would either be #openbazaar-2_0 or a private payments channel that are invite only.

[10:18] mg (OB1): We can hear your mic….random voice! :D

[10:18] Sam - OB1: We can hear you cryptoshoppe

[10:18] Rod: Cryptoshoppe we can all hear you lol

[10:18] Rod: :p

[10:19] mg (OB1): Here is the wallet-interface pull requests:

[10:19] CryptoShoppe: I can’t hear anyone else

[10:19] mg (OB1): Here is a specific pull request in flight:

[10:19] mg (OB1): Cryptoshoppe, we do have your audio coming in. If you have a question, you can ask it and watch the stream later for your answer. :P

[10:20] mg (OB1): Or ask it here?)

[10:20] CryptoShoppe: what about resolved store url addresses?

[10:20] mg (OB1): Like ob://customname?

[10:21] CryptoShoppe: instead of hashed addresses, which are hard to remember

[10:21] CryptoShoppe: yeah like that

[10:21] mg (OB1): Can you hear audio yet?

[10:21] CryptoShoppe: no I can’t hear Sam speaking

[10:21] CryptoShoppe: fixed it

[10:22] mg (OB1): Okay great. We’ll get an answer for you in audio then. :)

[10:22] Rod: Thank you @mg for the links

[10:23] mg (OB1): Of course.

[10:30] Rod: By chance has there been any work/research/talk on speeding up IPNS publishes ?

[10:30] Tyler: Tiered routing should do that too

[10:30] Tyler: it should speed up both reads and rights

[10:30] Tyler: writes*

[10:31] mg (OB1): Sam: CryptoShoppe asked “what about resolved store url addresses?” like ob://customname

[10:37] mg (OB1): DID spec:

[10:38] mg (OB1): I’m not certain what the IPFS team plans to do with this, but they are thinking about the problem, too.

[10:40] mg (OB1): Report from the Monero community about integration feasibility:

[10:41] Rod: Are ERC-20 tokens going to be usable with the first ethereum wallet release w/OB?

[10:41] mg (OB1): ^^ the above report is completely independent

[10:42] Rod: Gotcha

[10:43] Rod: Thanks for the clarification

[10:46] BeautyBubble: Suggestion on the BBB meeting, can you please make certain that all links shared find a home here on SLACK. Thank you.

[10:46] BeautyBubble: Yes. This chat links.

[10:47] John Tooker: Thank you all for the work you do

[10:47] BeautyBubble: Thank you so much.

[10:47] Rod: Thanks Sam

[10:47] BeautyBubble: Assuming we just log out?

[10:47] Sam - OB1: Yes :)

[10:47] BeautyBubble: Okay, thank you guys.

[10:48] Sam - OB1: You’re welcome!

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