This is a video recording of the OpenBazaar Developer call on May 16, 2019.

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Chat log:

[09:52] Impartial Mod: Hello all :-)

[09:53] Impartial Mod: I will stay as long as possible but need to leave shortly.

[09:53] Impartial Mod: Just here to listen tho :-)

[09:55] Jenn_OB1: You are welcome to stay as long as you’d like and interact as much or as little as you’d like! Glad you’re here! :)

[09:58] Impartial Mod: :-)

[10:00] ASCiiDiTY: Hi :)

[10:00] 🌪 mg (ob1): Hi chat!

[10:04] Tim Felsky: Hi all, excited for the work you’re doing and the progress on Haven! D-Commerce should be a huge industry in large part to your contributions!

[10:14] Impartial Mod: Steam as in Steam games?

[10:14] Impartial Mod: ok Thanks :-)

[10:15] 🌪 mg (ob1):

[10:16] Rod: Really great work @rbrunner

[10:16] rbrunner7: Thanks! One does what one can :)

[10:16] 🌪 mg (ob1):

[10:17] 🌪 mg (ob1): (sorry to out you, Rene… thanks for your contributions!)

[10:17] rbrunner7: No, it’s ok. Don’t have a mike, and not a good speaker anyway

[10:20] ASCiiDiTY: People are having issues leaving feedback. It’s not publishing.

[10:21] Impartial Mod: I think this relates to purchases being marked complete.

[10:21] Impartial Mod: …at least they happen at the same time I’ve noticed.

[10:23] ASCiiDiTY: Thanks

[10:24] Impartial Mod: Zokos !!! Woot

[10:24] 🌪 mg (ob1): Providing Reliable Messaging in OpenBazaar:

[10:25] ASCiiDiTY: The crypto listing feature is great. I’ve made a few trades very fast. The issue I’ve had though is it lets buyers pay for more coin than is in inventory. I had to cancel a trade because of this.

[10:25] Rod: Thanks Sam :p

[10:28] Rod: Since becoming a moderator we’ve seen two cases where buyers were unable to send offline messages/write to the DHT. Would Chris’s work with the webrelay code be helpful at all for delivering messages for client users?

[10:28] Jimmy Jam: Search feature seems finicky. Looking for a certain user or item doesn’t always get the desired result.

[10:28] Jimmy Jam: But I love the project overall.

[10:28] ASCiiDiTY: I got trades very fast, that was why I was so impressed. I did list at -0.5% market price though.

[10:29] Jimmy Jam: AsciiDiTy - what do you sell?

[10:29] ASCiiDiTY: CBD isolate.

[10:29] Jimmy Jam: ah, nice

[10:29] ASCiiDiTY: I do sell hemp flower as well but it’s not listed on my OB store.

[10:30] ASCiiDiTY: You can find my main website by searching “CBDwire”.

[10:30] Jimmy Jam: if I type in CBD will I find it easily - some of the people I speak to told me that they’ve had difficulty finding what they’re looking for on openbazaar

[10:30] ASCiiDiTY: Yes you should be able to find it easily in OB search

[10:32] Tim Felsky: Have been speaking with another OpenBazaar user about bringing forward some media in the form of a podcast related to D-Commerce. Still early in the discussion but invite you to connect if you’d like to share or participate!

[10:32] Impartial Mod: How do you check which listings are legal?

[10:33] uzuz: Any plans or roadmap for v3 onions support or generally Tor easy setup, like one click setup or clearnet shop versus onion shop and everything else goes by itself easily even for nontech anonymity people? Also is there any plan to add different admin levels/permissions. Sometimes I would need someone else to take care of some tasks, but without need to give the guy full access to ne shop. Would be nice.

[10:34] Matt: Any plans to create a way to do search in an uncensorable way by default? Or a 1 click way to do that, without having to rely on 3rd party search provider?

[10:34] ASCiiDiTY: I’ve noticed people selling illegal drugs are just following hundreds of users so they appear in followed by tab of my store.

[10:35] 🌪 mg (ob1): Embedded Tor:

[10:35] 🌪 mg (ob1): Matt, would that be something like a self-initiated crawl?

[10:37] Rod:

[10:37] Matt: sure, or easy way to create a search server that only you could use, or share

[10:39] Matt: bascially, or something functionally the same

[10:39] Rod:

[10:39] 🌪 mg (ob1): Thanks Rod…beat me by seconds. :P

[10:40] Rod:

[10:41] uzuz: Thank you for the v3 or tor support out of the box. This deature will help a lot to people of need in an unfriendly environment, where being possibly exposed as a successfull man could be dangerous.

[10:41] raz: to run a store

[10:41] raz: do I need to keep my windows box running 24x7

[10:41] raz: newbie

[10:41] raz: question

[10:42] 🌪 mg (ob1): No worries, Raz. You do not need to. OpenBazaar supports sending messages to an offline node for them to retrieve later.

[10:42] raz: tks

[10:42] 🌪 mg (ob1): (As long as the node comes online to check the DHT for these messages at least every 7 days…as they expire then)

[10:43] 🌪 mg (ob1): ((If you do this…it usually takes 20-30 minutes to crawl the DHT looking for their messages, so be sure to run it for a bit…not just on and off.))

[10:43] uzuz: Once tor easy will be there in OB the community will sure make effort to port it also to secure OSes.

[10:43] 🌪 mg (ob1): usually = it could take as much as depending on how connected your node is.

[10:44] raz: If I change my ip becase of vpn does it messup anything

[10:44] raz: ok tks

[10:45] 🌪 mg (ob1):

[10:45] uzuz: Tor or i2p :)

[10:46] uzuz: Thanks 😎

[10:47] Impartial Mod: Thanks :-)

[10:47] 🌪 mg (ob1): Thanks for joining all!

[10:47] uzuz: 👏

[10:47] Rod: Thanks Sam

[10:47] Jimmy Jam: Merci

[10:47] rbrunner7: Thanks

[10:47] Sam - OB1: Thank you Rod

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