To celebrate the one year anniversary of OpenBazaar 2 we are sharing goodies and offers all month long with our users! Clustered loosely around Black Friday this week are some exciting deals that OpenBazaar vendors have set up just for you.

Unless otherwise specified, use coupon code OB2Turns1 to claim the discounts on the stores or items described!

Here are some great stores and listings for you to shop this week:


75% off

DrApis on OpenBazaarDrApis on OpenBazaar

DrApis produces and sells premium raw apiculture products from Portugal. Their artisanal raw honey is produced and extracted using exclusively traditional methods, preserving all the natural vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients and other nutritional elements produced by bees. Now you can enjoy their high-quality products at their lowest prices ever. Don’t miss this!

Matthew Zipkin

75% off

Matthew Zipkin Bitcoin Clocks on OpenBazaarMatthew Zipkin on OpenBazaar

Matthew Zipkin is offering this steep discount on his unique Bitcoin clocks. They are practical as well as beautiful pieces of art that any collector would love to have in their home.

Another fun fact, Matthew is also an OB1 Verified Moderator who is available for you to add to your transactions and provide assistance in case of a dispute. Send him a message and say hello!


75% off

CryptoCollectibles on OpenBazaarCryptoCollectibles on OpenBazaar

CryptoCollectibles has curated several items that are available at this crazy discount. In honor of his recent passing they are all vintage Stan Lee comics. Some have art by Jack “The King” Kirby, Gene Colan, Gil Kane, and other forefathers of the comic book industry. Check out the full list:

Journey into Mystery #111 - $220 $55 with code OB2Turns1

The Mighty Thor #137 - $240 $60 with code OB2Turns1

Tales of Suspense #80 - $100 $25 with code OB2Turns1

Tales of Suspense #82 - $70 $17.50 with code OB2Turns1

Tales of Suspense #89 - $55 $13.75 with code OB2Turns1

Tales of Suspense #95 - $90 $22.50 with code OB2Turns1

Tales of Suspense #99 - $120 $30 with code OB2Turns1

Captain America #106 - $80 $20 with code OB2Turns1

Tales to Astonish #58 - $50 $12.50 with code OB2Turns1

Tales to Astonish #98 - $80 $20 with code OB2Turns1

Daredevil #23 - $60 $15 with code OB2Turns1

Daredevil #25 - $60 $15 with code OB2Turns1

Kimchi Socks

75% off Kimchi Socks on OpenBazaarKimchi Socks on OpenBazaar

Score some high quality socks to show off your love of your favorite crypto coins.

Penny Portrait

25% off Penny Portrait on OpenBazaarPenny Portrait on OpenBazaar

Put together your own unique art piece with this special kit from Penny Portrait.

Pascal Boyart

10% off Pascal Boyart on OpenBazaarPascal Boyart on OpenBazaar

Pascal Boyart is an accomplished fine artist based in Paris. He began as a graffiti artist but now produces a wide range of art styles. Many of the pieces he has featured on OpenBazaar focus on cryptocurrency and crypto-culture. Read more of his amazing story on his About page.

For a limited time he’s offering 10% off on the limited edition prints Crypto Anarchist Manifesto and WhitePaper French version. Use coupon code: BTCARTREVOLUTION

OpenBazaar Swag Bundle

Just $1!

OpenBazaar Swag Bundle on OpenBazaarOpenBazaar Swag Bundle on OpenBazaar

Celebrate 1 year of OpenBazaar 2 with this great swag pack. Priced crazy low at just $1 with FREE shipping because we want to make sure you have the right gear to show off your support and get to see how easy shopping on OpenBazaar can be.

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