When you think about the world’s largest internet marketplaces, what kind of products do you picture? Maybe you get your coffee or toilet paper or other daily sundries from Amazon or Alibaba. Maybe you buy secondhand or hard-to-find collectible items on Ebay. Maybe you visit Etsy for thoughtful handmade gifts. These sites do have a focus on physical goods but that’s not all they can do.

This may blow your mind so proceed with caution.

Where do you buy your ebooks? Okay, maybe still Amazon or similar… What about music and movies? Oh, now we’re starting to get a little weird. What about online courses? Digital access codes? Video game codes? Data bundles like fonts or photo editing presets?

Online marketplaces aren’t all about physical goods. Digital goods are just as sellable as physical goods and there are many places where many people buy and sell them around the web.

On OpenBazaar you can easily sell digital goods for cryptocurrency. Here’s how.

1. File Hosting

File hosting and automatic delivery within OpenBazaar is a features we plan to build in the future but they are still on ice at the moment. In the meantime, if you are selling things like game codes or gift cards, you will have to send them manually to your buyers when you receive a payment. If you are selling a file that users will need to download, you will need to host it somewhere.

We would love to recommend a decentralized file hosting solution but the most promising projects are still in an early release stage or pre-release. If you’d like to learn more about projects like Filecoin, Storj and Sia you can do so here and here.

You can host files somewhere like your own external website or server, or by using a storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive. Dropbox Professional and Business plans are paid services but they allow you to set a password on files for an extra layer of security around who can access it.

When you receive a payment you can then share a link with your buyer that they can click to download their file. Or, if you want to keep it very simple and your file is small enough you can let buyers know that they need to provide an email address so you can email the file to them when their payment is confirmed.

2. Create Your Listing

Now that you have a plan for hosting and sharing your digital product you can create a listing for it on OpenBazaar. Create a new listing and under Type select “Digital Good.”

Create a Digital Listing on OpenBazaar

Give it a great title and description that relate to keywords people may use in search to find it easily. Make sure to also describe how you will send the file to users when they complete their purchase and let them if you need something from them such as an email address. It’s also helpful to include any instructions they may need for setting up or installing your file if it requires that.

Include at least 1 great image that describes your item such as a book jacket mockup for an ebook or the cover art for a music album.

Tags can be added to boost the searchability of your item. Include obvious ones as relate to the item itself like “book” or “music” then more as relates to broader categories it represents such as “fiction” or “bluegrass.”

A category helps keep your store organized. If you plan to sell both ebooks AND music albums, you’d just type in the corresponding category for each of your listings.

Variants and inventory can likely be left blank. These are helpful for things like physical goods where you may offer the same hat but in 3 different colors with only a certian number of each available. If you have variations of your digital goods it may be worth creating separate listings for each.

With the return policy you can set this up however you’d like. You may want to say no refunds if the price point is very low on the item or perhaps offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a full refund option.

Terms & conditions can be added if you have any conditions or advisories you want to make people aware of when accessing or using your digital good.

Select the coins you’d like to receive as payment–it can be just one of them or any combination.

3. Share your item from OpenBazaar.com

OpenBazaar is a marketplace where people can browse and discover the items that you have for sale—but that’s not the only way they can find them! OpenBazaar.com exists to make it easy for you and others to share stores and listings to your social media and other communities.

Once your listing is live you can click “View on web” in the address bar at the top to see it and share it.

View on Web Link in OpenBazaar

More Than a Marketplace

The software is still new and it is very niche because it exclusively uses cryptocurrency for payments. It needs every true believer’s help to grow into a phenomenon worldwide and that starts with our community. Make sure to connect with us to market your store and meet other like-minded people all around the world. Meet us on Twitter, Reddit, Slack and Telegram!

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