Making sales is about more than just moving physical products. People also make entire careers—and often very high level careers!—out of selling the services they perform. These can be things done from anywhere in the world like like web design, software development and copywriting, or very local things like medical assistance, legal representation and lawn care.

In fact, services make up almost 70% of value added to the world’s economy. This kind of market share shows an enormous opportunity!

Sell Your Services Online

OpenBazaar’s unique approach to an escrow account makes it easy for a provider to list and bill for their services. By setting up a moderated transaction a service seller can be sure that their client has the funds for contract they are agreeing to and upon successful completion of the work the funds can simply be released to the seller.

On OpenBazaar you can easily sell services for cryptocurrency. Here’s how.

1. Define your service

What services do you sell? How do you usually price them? Many providers offer services by the hour or on a custom basis, but to list services for sale on OpenBazaar it’s easiest to start by “productizing” them, or structuring them to be constrained to a set cost. For example, if you provide language translation services you may create 3 different products with different prices. For example:

  1. 100 - 200 words translated
  2. 200 - 400 words translated
  3. 400 - 600 words translated

2. Create your listings

Once you have your services defined you can create listings for them on OpenBazaar. Create a new listing and under Type, select “Service.”

Sell Services for Cryptocurrency on OpenBazaar

Give it a great title and description that relates to keywords people may use in search that will help them find it easily. Make sure to describe exactly what a buyer will receive and consider adding more information such as examples of past work or testimonials to make the offer compelling.

Include at least 1 great image that describes your service such as a photo of you providing the service or an photo of the completed service with simple text overlaid, such as “500-700 Words Translated English to Chinese.”

Tags can be added to boost the searchability of your item. Include obvious ones that relate to the item itself like “website design” or “manuscript editing,” then more as relates to broader categories it represents such as “business or “writing.”

A category is to help keep your store organized. If you plan to sell both “software development” and “language translation,” you’d just type in the appropriate category for the appropriate listing.

Variants and inventory can likely be left blank. These are helpful for things like physical goods where you may offer the exact same shirt but in 3 different colors and you only have a certain number of each. If you have variations with your services it is generally a good approach to create separate listings for each.

With the return policy you can set this up however you’d like. You may want to say no refunds or perhaps offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a full refund option.

Terms & conditions can be added if you have any conditions or advisories you want to make people aware of when accessing or using your digital good.

Select the coins you’d like to receive as payment: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and/or Zcash. it can be just one of them or any combination.

3. Share your services from

OpenBazaar is a marketplace where people can browse and discover the items that you have for sale—but that’s not the only way they can find them! exists to make it easy for you and others to share stores and listings to your social media and other communities.

Once your listing is live you can click “View on web” in the address bar at the top to see it and share it.

View on Web Link in OpenBazaar

More Than a Marketplace

OpenBazaar is still new and it is very niche because it exclusively uses cryptocurrency for payments. It needs every true believer’s help to grow into a phenomenon worldwide and that starts with our community. Make sure to connect with us to market your store and service listings and meet other like-minded people all around the world. Meet us on Twitter, Reddit, Slack and Telegram!

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