This year has been an exciting time in the cryptocurrency space. Many projects are taking deeper root and putting out applications that are more practical and easy to use to enable people to do more with the coins they love. They’re making exciting strides getting the power of (notoriously hard-to-use!) decentralized networks into people’s hands. The OpenBazaar community has seen a surge of great activity lately too doing just the same!

Here are some of the biggest things going on in the OpenBazaar community this summer:

  • The Haven release is imminent! Haven is the first full-featured mobile app for using the OpenBazaar network. It is being developed by OB1, the company leading the development of the open-source OpenBazaar protocol. It has an exciting new social posting feature and makes it incredibly easy to shop, sell and chat privately on the OpenBazaar network from your iOS or Android device. Haven is wrapping up its testing phase now and will be launching very soon. To be the first to know when it’s live, get on the waitlist at

  • Zokos is a new service that helps you set up your store on OpenBazaar in less than a minute in your browser for free. This tool makes it easy for you to manage your store on the web rather than through the desktop application and offers some features to make your store management more convenient.

  • For anyone interested in developing their own search engine for OpenBazaar, the same party that produced Zokos also open-sourced their search engine code, called Rawflood.

  • A community member has worked up a proof of concept for Monero integration into OpenBazaar.

  • A couple of the core developers of OpenBazaar attended IPFS Camp earlier this month to connect with the team deveopling IPFS and other projects that are using the protocol like OpenBazaar. Here’s a recap of the event from the IPFS team.

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