The new OpenBazaar network has been going strong since November 1st, and the OpenBazaar development team will now be winding down support for the old version 1.0 network.

On January 1st, 2018, we’ll be shutting down our libbitcoin servers and seed nodes and no longer providing new bug fixes, updates, or technical support.

Any transactions that are still open on the 1.0 network should be resolved prior to Jan 1st, or the transactions will be difficult to resolve without significant effort.

OpenBazaar has always been open source and decentralized, so even without our support and infrastructure you will still be able to access the old network with enough effort (for example, by pointing your OB node to another libbitcoin server). However, we strongly recommend closing your v1 OB node and transitioning to OB v2, which is under extremely active development, has a growing community, and is a much better piece of software.

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