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Making sales is about more than just moving physical products. People also make entire careers—and often very high level careers!—out of selling the services they perform. These can be things done from anywhere in the world like like web design, software development and copywriting, or very local things like medical assistance, legal representation and lawn care.
This is a video recording of the OpenBazaar Developer call on April 11, 2019.
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This is a video recording of the OpenBazaar Developer call on March 14, 2019.
When you think about the world’s largest internet marketplaces, what kind of products do you picture? Maybe you get your coffee or toilet paper or other daily sundries from Amazon or Alibaba. Maybe you buy secondhand or hard-to-find collectible items on Ebay. Maybe you visit Etsy for thoughtful handmade gifts. These sites do have a focus on physical goods but that’s not all they can do.
Shopping online is pretty excellent, right? It’s really one of the most powerful features of the internet today. How great is it that we can connect to businesses around the world from just about anywhere we are and have things delivered right to us?
This is a video recording of the OpenBazaar Developer call on February 14, 2019.
The shift to peer-to-peer online commerce won’t happen overnight. Until this technology becomes widespread, we need tools that help the transition go more smoothly.
The decentralized marketplace OpenBazaar supports several different cryptocurrencies for buying and selling goods and services between users. This post explains which currencies, and why were they chosen.
After several months of work OpenBazaar version 2.3 has been released. This is a major release which contains significant changes to how the OpenBazaar wallet functions. Because of the major changes in this release, we highly recommend you backup your OpenBazaar data before you update.
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