Bring your cryptocoins and digital currency to OpenBazaar to shop, sell or trade with people from around the world. This is a bitcoin marketplace that expanded to become a cryptocurrency marketplace where you can buy and sell what you want — and pay how you want.

Check out these stores featuring each of the different payment coins now available on OpenBazaar: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Zcash

Here are 3 great stores for you to shop at today:

Pascal Boyart

Bitcoin (BTC)

Pascal Boyart on OpenBazaarPascal Boyart on OpenBazaar

Pascal Boyart is an accomplished fine artist based in Paris. He began as a graffiti artist but now produces a wide range of art styles. Many of the pieces he has featured on OpenBazaar focus on cryptocurrency and crypto-culture. Read more of his amazing story on his About page.

BONUS: For a limited time he’s offering a 10% reduction on the limited edition prints Crypto Anarchist Manifesto and WhitePaper French version. Use coupon code: BTCARTREVOLUTION

DropShip I/O

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

DropShip I/O on OpenBazaarDropShip I/O on OpenBazaar

Ever wish you could just buy things from Amazon using Bitcoin Cash? This OpenBazaar store makes that possible and even sweetens the deal with a discount to promote the use of cryptocurrencies worldwide. Learn more here.

Boston Zcash Users Group

Zcash (ZEC)

Boston Zcash Users Group on OpenBazaarBoston Zcash Users Group on OpenBazaar

The Boston Zcash Users Group is putting their principles into action by giving Zcash fans and users a practical way to use their favorite coin. Check out the list of books, stickers and coins they have available for you!

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